Mark L, Naperville, IL

"I am still in my home after 9 years, in big part due to Mr. Yokoyama...he is an expert in his field...i watched him in action and he was nothing short of spectacular in front of my judge.....I recommend him without hesitation..."

Stan B. Schaumburg, IL

"I fully endorse Mr. Yokoyama.  I received an amazing offer as a modification on my loan, after defending me for 7 years.  There was principal write-down and interest reduction on the loan too!  Highly recommended."

James R, Buffalo Grove, IL

"I am deeply grateful that I had Paul help me untangle the issues surrounding my case.  His clear,  direct advice and strategies made all the difference in my divorce case."

Paula L, Streamwood, IL

"When I lost my job, my debts began to pile up .  Paul helped me clear over $60,000 in debt with just 4 letters!  He charged me hardly anything, and I avoided bankrutcy.....so great...."

Terrence M, Chicago, IL

"I'm still in my house since 2010, and I've been able to save the mortgage payments and real estate taxes...I'm not ready to move, but I will be able to buy a nice place WITH cash, when all is said and done...thanks Paul."

Adam A, Chicago, IL

"Even when I was low on cash, Mr. Yokoyama stuck by me and did his job.  I now have a great job and made it through my debt and financial crisis due to his wonderful work and advice."

PAST Success Stories


$1.2 Million Settlement

In a suit against Kawasaki Motorcycles,  we proved that they sold defective products, and won a settlement for our injured client, making sure that he could take care of himself while he was suffering."


Principal write-down and Interest lowered

In one of our many settled foreclosure cases,  while defending in state court, we filed a case in Federal court and ultimately got our client a new loan on his home that was written down $350,000 with a 2% interest rate. We have hundreds of clients that still remain in their homes after the foreclosure suit has been filed, without paying the mortgage, the real estate taxes or the home insurance. Some of these clients have been in the homes for over 6 years.  This provides the homeowner a place to live, and time to save and prepare themselves for the future.


We wrote the business plan, helped implement our strategies and as a result, our client realized his dream to own and operate a multi-million dollar business

They came to us with only an idea.  We created the business plan, helped them build prototypes, then we created, protected and patented the products, and even helped them market the products to the incredible status, that their business grossed over ten  million dollars  in sales in just the second year of conducting business.