The Guardian of Camelot

 Under the guidance of several knowledgeable and trusted business professionals, Kre8Change is using the Guardian of Camelot, an unincorporated state of California entity, as the vehicle to receive funds that will change the world. We will not disclose the details of how it is set up, as some is proprietary and protected, but rest assured that many hours of planning went into putting the structure together and it is by far the best way to operate so that KRE8Change can move forward to properly use funds from the ground up.  It is anticipated that KRE8Change will receive funding from the GOC and then fund various Project Affiliates.


After hours of conversation with business professionals, the following decision was made regarding who Project Affiliates will be expected to use for services and products needed to proceed in the execution of the project. 

It has been decided that the change to the various systems that are operating in the world (including the legal, financial, health, medical, education, technology, municipal and state government, military, and insurance systems) and the set up by what we like to call the “Cabal” requires that Kre8Change work from the ground up

Kre8Change must start from the ground up, using new service providers and new venders wherever possible, and old service providers and old venders who can prove that they are not operating in the old Cabal enslavement systems, and therefore assisting in the Rothschild, Mob and Chicago way of “paying” to play, i.e. cutting in the Rothschild’s at every step, sometimes 50%! In other words, whenever possible, we do not want to re-hydrate the Cabal system which has been succesfully drained of fiat money, in part due to the demise of the Fed. The Federal reserve is dead! It is believed that the The Trust fund money is asset backed and therefore the use of it will stop inflation, make the economy grow and create jobs for humanity rather than create lack of everything for the masses.

That said, The Guardian of Camelot, and KRE8Change, expected to be one of the the lead funding entities, is creating a list of Preferred Venders who have been vetted for absolute adherence to Natural Law and the changing of the systems of this planet. The systems created by the Cabal have enslaved in excess of 99 per cent of the world, as well as creating a feeling of lack of everything, and are slowly killing everyone by causing starvation, lack of water and food, diseases and cancers to further their Agenda 21 edict.


The following steps must be taken for those seeking to become a Preferred Vender. Remember that it is expected that Billions of dollars will be released from the asset backed trust for humanity in the very near future and all KRE8Change Project Affiliates will be required to use Preferred Venders whenever possible:

All venders applying for Preferred Vender Status must:

Set up an irrevocable trust under the Kre8change standards. This Irrevocable trust is offered through Yokoyama Legal Group and can be funded by your current business (the Trustor/Grantor) and can be used in your current business until project funding begins. It has very favorable tax benefits, when operating a business as a trust, so for many smaller venders it might be a better way to operate rather than as an LLC, a corporation or a partnership. 

1) Must write a letter on business letterhead requesting Preferred Vender status and listing all of the services and/or products that you have to offer for the GOC and KRE8Change Project Affiliates.

2) Must submit a current business license, or full CV and summary of experience of the principal owner, if you are a small business. 

3) Must pay a modest non-refundable Preferred Vender fee to begin our process of determining whether you merit being a Preferred Vender.

4) Must pay a modest fee for the Irrevocable Trust and related services.

Once approved as Preferred Vender, then the following is required before placed on the Preferred Vender list:

5) Must execute a Preferred Vender Agreement with KRE8Change.

6) Representative of your company must participate in a two day event in Manhattan, NY conducted by Steffen Rowe and his management team

7) Must submit information as to the service area of the Preferred Vender 

FOR application to be a Preferred Vender:

Preferred Vender fee is                      $900 

Cost of Trust and services                $600 

- The trust is an Irrevocable trust

- The Guardian of Camelot or your company can be the Trustor/Grantor

- You or your company as the trustee

- You can name your beneficiaries


- Unique Employee Identification Number (EIN) will be provided

- Limited Power of Attorney granted by the Guardian of Camelot if you choose the GOC as the Trustor/Grantor, so you can use the trust before funding starts rolling in and we need to use your services and products.

- ½ hour legal consultation will be had via phone, to answers questions, receive necessary information, and discuss anything else related to the trust

Please note that you should seek Preferred Vender status now, as we will publish the list on our various websites which thousands of people frequent, and as a result you may receive business requests just for being on our list.

Payable by Check to “Paul Yokoyama, Esq.”  (lawyer for Guardian of Camelot) address will be supplied upon request, for mailing a check.

or  via paypal:

To apply to be a Preferred Vender go to the KRE8Change tab...the date you choose for the interview is tentative, as we must receive the letter and license/CV prior to interview.  We will send an email upon receipt of payment for the Vender fee and trust.