KRE8Change FUNDING - Project Affiliates

The Guardian of Camelot

             UPDATE FEBRUARY 7th, 2019   Regarding the GUARDIAN of CAMELOT

There is a new website at which is a website for information regarding projects and funding.    Please visit the site and learn more about becoming a member of the Guardian of Camelot, and receive a trust, access to the Kre8or's Network and the preferred venders.

As stated below, the business structure that is being used for receipt of funding for projects by the Guardian of Camelot is through the use of an irrevocable common law (business) trust. It is requested that Project Affiliates become members of the GOC and execute and operate from a business trust.   The principals of the Guardian of Camelot, an entity that we believe to, and is expected to, receive funds for the people and for projects, are now offering a membership to the Guardian of Camelot. Therefore, after February 13th, the donation (cost for membership, the trust and other business services provided by this group) will be $100.00. Membership includes access to the Kre8or's Network, access to Preferred venders, an irrevocable business trust and registration of your project using a numbered project submittal form. Once funds are received you will be expected to execute basic membership documents, participate in GOC educational seminars and prepare for funding of your project. 

Until midnight, Wednesday Feb. 13th,  this website will offer the numbered Project Submittal Form and irrevocable trust as before.   Again, all donations are for business services and the trust. Those who have already ordered the trust and those who order the trust  here until Feb. 14th, will receive membership in the Guardian of Camelot.

Due to the overwhelming response, there will no longer be automatically scheduled interviews with Mr. Yokoyama.  An email from will be used to request information for the project and the trust that was not clear on your submittal form. Please fill out the Project Submittal Form as best and thoroughly as possible. It has been many hours of conferences, which has been good for hearing about personal experiences and project ideas, but Mr. Yokoyama has not been able to do much else effectively the last three weeks.    

That said, you may still request a conference with Mr. Yokoyama about the trust or project, but we ask that those be scheduled via a text to Mr. Yokoyama, which he will schedule for his Tues, Wed and Thurs afternoons.  Include your name, Project Form number and request at the beginning of the text.

For those who previously ordered the numbered Project Submittal Form, you may upgrade to full membership in the Guardian of Camelot for an additional donation of $60. Use the Abalm/THI button to upgrade to GOC membership, until Feb. 14th..

After February 13, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST, (Valentine's Day begins!) all memberships will be offered through the Guardian of Camelot website (the $100 donation will still be paid to the legal services group).

Venders can still apply here for preferred vender status here.

           Under the guidance of several knowledgeable and trusted business professionals, Kre8Change is using the Guardian of Camelot, an unincorporated state of California entity, as the vehicle to receive funds that will change the world. We will not disclose the details of how it is set up, as some is proprietary and protected, but rest assured that many hours of planning went into putting the structure together and it is by far the best way to operate so that KRE8Change can move forward to properly use the funds from the ground up.  It is expected that KRE8Change will receive funding from the GOC and then fund various Project Affiliates.


The following steps must be taken for those seeking Funding for Projects from the GOC. Once funding has been approved, you are called a Project Affiliate:

1) Set up an irrevocable bisiness trust under the Kre8change standards. This Irrevocable trust is offered through Yokoyama Legal Group and can be used for you own personal business until project funding begins. 

2) Submit a Project Submittal Form ($30 expected donation for services)

Once approved for funding, the following is required before funds will be released:

3) Execute a Project Affiliate Agreement with KRE8Change.

4) Participate in a two day event in Manhattan, New York conducted 

by the principals of KRE8Change and team

5) Submit information as to where the Project Affiliate business for Kre8Change will be operating, under Kre8Change standards and to be approved by KRE8Change.

6) Set up your Irrevocable Trust bank account at the same bank used by the Guardian of Camelot. 

KRE8Change Irrevocable Trust

The Kre8Change Irrevocable Trust structure, was created by Paul Yokoyama after discussions with many legal experts and tax professionals. Each specific trust is a common law trust and is irrevocable, meaning the terms of the trust are very hard to change. This means that ownership of the trust is hard to discover, and the tax benefits related to the use of trusts is maximized. The creation of your specific trust and related services (preparation of your trust, consultation, tax assistance, etc.) takes approximately 5 hours of time, and thus the price of the Trust and related services is set at a very minimal $100.00 per hour would be $500.00. The internet is filled with trusts that are considerably more expensive and most likely not even drafted by a lawyer.  This irrevocable trust must be set up for  funding that is expected to be received by Kre8Change. 

Total Cost of Trust and services is $400    (much less due upfront)

- The trust is an Irrevocable trust

- Guardian of Camelot as the Trustor/Grantor (or THI)

- You or your company as the trustee

- You can name your beneficiaries


- Unique Employee Identification Number (EIN) will be provided

- First trust tax return information will be provided

- Limited Power of Attorney granted by the Guardian of Camelot  so that you can use and operate under your Irrevocable Trust prior to expected funding from Kre8Change

- ½ hour legal consultation will be had via phone, to answers questions, receive necessary information, and discuss anything else related to the trust

- FEB 10th: REMOVED AT THIS TIME due to timing:  (consultation about project and trust and anything else in your life, regarding legal, financial, real estate, divorce, crimes, etc. with Paul Yokoyama, Esq., who has over 30 years experience as a lawyer, financial and tax advisor, and certified Life Coach and H’oponopono expert.)

Work on the trust will not begin until the following has been received:

Trust preparation

Eighty Dollars ($80)  paypal to; remainder to be paid over time, whenever available, on the honor system.


The website may have you choose an appointment day and time; however, the actual day and time will be set after email correspondence and a trust information Form has been returned and a conference is deemed necessary.


If you only want to submit a Project Submittal Form, you can do so by sending an email to   However, only Official numbered Project Submittals Forms will be reviewed at this time.  These numbered forms are sent only to those who have made a very minimal donation as an application fee.  See below.

Since Kre8Change has received so many project submittals in so many different formats, and because Kre8Change has had to set parameters to organize and prepare for the change, and how the People will be allowed to receive funding, we have had to standardize how Kre8Change will review Projects and how they will choose Venders.  Thus the reason for using a Common Law Irrevocable Trust as the business entity you will operate your project under, and why Kre8Change has begun to maintain a Preferred Vender's List.

If you donate Thirty dollars ($30.00) as an application fee, you will receive a numbered Project Submittal Form.   This will ensure that your Project will be reviewed as soon as possible and placed on our  Project Affiliates list 

Paul Yokoyama, as lawyer for KRE8Change is business and legal counsel for management of all of the Projects.  Kre8Change expect thousands of applications, based upon the response in the last year alone.  Paul Yokoyama will personally read and critique your Project Submittal Form whwever practicable, so that it will more often than not,  ensure funding . Paul Yokoyama will then schedule a time to speak with you for 15 minutes about the project.  In this way, you are guaranteed to be officially in the system and likely in line for Project Funding.  The donation is essentially a payment for legal services and information time.  As lawyer for KRE8Change he has devoted over 80% of his legal time to projects and planning for the Change.

Go to the KRE8Change TAB to purchase trust (or order the "Original" Project Submittal Form that gets you into our system).  Pick a date for a call, times may vary BUT THAT DATE AND TIME WILL CHANGE and will not be set until a form is submitted (trust and/or Project form).  You will receive an email after payment received with the Form which must be filled out and emailed prior to any  conference call.     THANK YOU!