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We expect to have a Treaty of Monarch license in the very near future for legal practice WITHOUT the British Accredited Registry (B.A.R.) for court appearances in all of the united States.  With over 30 years experience as an attorney (B.A.R.) and lawyer (J.D.), we can provide legal  and financial information and life coach advice for all states. We also have access to many competent attorneys in several states if a referral is requested.

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The Guardian of Camelot , a California unincorporated entity, is our largest client.  It is anticipated that billions of dollars have already been made available to GOC, for which our group is the legal and financial advisor to the Paymaster of the GOC.  The funding will be for all of the people of the united States of America in the very near future, to be used for projects related to such areas as health, education, legal, financial, technological and governmental systems.  Check the KRE8Change tab for further information for Preferred Venders and Project Affiliates.


See our testimonial tab for a few summaries of happy clients;  such letters of recommendation are available on request after requisite signing of Disclaimers and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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We believe that all of the rates and prices charged for legal information, life coach and healing services are below the market.  We bill at no more than $100.00 per hour, and provide information, documents and services that save hundreds of dollars if you were to retain an attorney or other professional.  Thus we beleive that we provide legal information that will save a person legal and professional  fees and heartache.  A Professional's Nightmare is an Informed Client, [(c) 2019 Paul Yokoyama] and Yokoyama Legal Group will take the time to educate  and inform you of your options and rights, as well as tell you what to expect when dealing with high priced attorneys and other professionals, with a free initial consultation.

FUNDING IS COMING! Share the big news

We believe that we are days if not hours away from our second largest client, KRE8Change, (a New York  business trust operating as a not for profit organization,)  from receiving its funding, in the amount in excess of $1.9 billion.   We have been advised that the funding has hit the bank, can be seen at the teller level, but has been held up during this recent government crisis.  There are many amtters happening behind the scenes, but  KRe8Change has received very limited, interim infrastructure funds.  We are the legal advisor and agent for this company and have spent hundreds of hours pro bono since 2016, strategizing and preparing all financial and legal paperwork for the anticipated funding.   Check this website and  be prepared if you are interested in applying for funding for a project.


There are numerous questions received over the years, and a compilation of common questions is in progress; we will update this section as important questions are repeating.