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We love Informed Clients

 All of the rates and prices charged for legal information and life coach services are below the market related to legal services.  We bill at no more than $100.00 per hour, and provide information,  documents and services that would cost many hundreds of dollars more if you were to retain an attorney or other professional in your state.  That said, we will provide information that can save a person unnecessary  legal and professional  fees.  A Professional's Nightmare is an Informed Client (c) 2019, and Yokoyama Legal Group will take the time to educate  and inform you of your options and rights, as well as tell you what to expect when dealing with high-priced attorneys and other professionals. 


Success can only be measured by one person, and that is you. It took Paul Yokoyama 30 years of practicing law to understand that our world is dominated by evil persons with evil agendas.

Every member associated with this legal and life services group wakes up every morning exhilarated and excited to help others tackle life's problems.  We have learned that there is an existing dark force of well fed, well funded and well living individuals who  want most of the world to remain in debt,  lacking, hungry and depressed--- that is enslavement, on what we all know is a very Abundant Planet!  We are striving to change that, one client at a time.  Perhaps, one day, we will wake up without problems to tackle, and instead a world of love and amazement and excitement, where we will always open our eyes looking for our next fun and amazing adventure.  


Lawyer - Entrepreneur - Life Coach



I graduated from an accredited law school, with a Juris Doctor, passed a state bar and practiced law as a licensed attorney for over 30 years.  I now reside in New York state, and no longer retain a license with any state BAR (British Accredited Registry).  As a lawyer (J.D). and Life Coach, I  provide legal information.  

As an attorney, I started over 60 jury trials, and it was there that I learned what the real practice of law means. I have handled cases in: divorce, traffic, personal injury, estate planning, real estate and business law; have written hundreds of contracts and trusts, formed hundreds of small businesses (corps, Sub C, S, LLCs, partnerships); extensive experience in finance, taxes, banking, audits; real estate closings, title, “flipping”, 1031-Xchange, rehab and rental; foreclosure and debt relief; business, financial and marketing plans.

I am a Juris Doctor (j.D.), a Certified Life Coach, Certified in H'oponopono.  I raised four fairly well adjusted children into college; I have experience in education, sports coaching, child rearing, financial aid, scholarships; I played two sports in college, won awards at the 5K/10k race level, have also run 3 1/2 marathons and 6 marathons; I am in excellent health and have extensive knowledge of nutrician, fitness and health matters.

My childhood experience:     I grew up poor, raised by my saint-of-a-mother.  I consider myself the common man (like 90% of people) in a lot of ways.  I have always worked hard for everything.  Some of my many paying jobs: cut grass; snow and manure shoveler; rode and cared for ponies; slum lord helper; gas pumper; fence painter; shed builder; roofing and concrete construction gopher; high-rise construction concrete forms builder and concrete cleaner; pizza maker; dishwasher; bus-boy; theatre cleaner; janitor; department store clerk; UPS runner/packer; factory worker; umpire; in 2015 I became ill with cancer, beat it with marajuana, CBD Oil, diet,  scalar energy and meditation; during that time, I worked at a hot dog stand and drove Uber/Lyft for six months while I  was tired and depressed and could not think well enough to perform my continuing legal work. But it was worth it to be enlightened as to to the universe.

I started my business career as a Fortran IV computer programmer; would work 40 hours and attend night law school from 6-9 pm.  The drive to and from school was a burden, so in my 2nd year I got an apartment and  found a job close to school,  where I learned C/Unix programming. After realizing corporate life was basically a joke, (getting paid to do essentially nothing,) my last  year of law school I started my own computer consulting company and graduated with no debt! 

In the last two years I learned many of the hidden secrets of the universe.  I have met some amazing empaths and made some incredible friends.  These are people who have always known that they have a soul contract and have had to remain hidden from the main stream world, for fear of abuse and bullying.  We are 30 million strong, and the group is growing. I learned about who my ancestors are, and my very dark and light "royal" heritage; and I am amazed by the magic of  3-6-9, Nikolai Tesla and the  energy and power within us all: I learned of manifestation and healing and energetic enrichment and enlightenment. I have discovered my life, soul contract and I am living in it right now. Like a kid in a candy store, everything is simply amazing.

I love to run, workout, fish, ski, play any sport; I love all pets, especially horses and dogs, and I’m a terrible dancer; I want to own a bar,  play the guitar and sing, but alas, that dream and achievement may be for other blessed souls. 

The Hawks


We have gathered a young group of legal scholars and students of the law, some lawyers, some in law school, some contemplating law school, who are assisting us in our work for our client Kre8Change  This stealth group of  Legal Hawks are formulating the plan to help  Kre8Change reform the legal system.  The plan is to destroy the Draco/Admiralty court system which operates at all levels, even in the Hague and federal courts.    If you are interested in joining this team, submit your resume to wecoach@protonmail.com  Use "Legal Hawk" in the heading.


We are connected closely to several other knowledgeable  legal experts that are not lawyers, but have amazing knowledge of the corrupt legal system  and how attorneys have made the court system work only for them.  Such prominent names in this association are Winston Shrout (cuurently appealing 10 year sentence for tax evasion), Anna Von Rietz (http://www.annavonreitz.com/), Judge Dale and a person only known as "Cee"   These top-level associates have not committed in writing to our cause yet, so we are looking for people who possess the same knowledge and abilities as these out-front persons.  Please contact us if you believe you would be a valuable addition to our team to plan and change the legal system through YOKOYAMA LEGAL GROUP and KRE8Change, at JetEye1@protonmail.com  using the heading "Educated Sovereign"


TRUST FUNDING - Individuals 

Please check our KRE8CHANGE tab if you are interested in applying for funding from the asset backed trust through KRE8Change, as a Project Affiliate.  These funds are held exclusively for distribution to sovereign nations and humanity. KRE8Change is one of the holders of funds from the Trust, and funding requires certain factors and restrictions. Most will qualify and funding is anywhere from $500,000 up to $100,000,000.   


TRUST FUNDING - Preferred Venders 

Please check our KRE8CHANGE tab if you are interested in applying to be a Preferred Vender regarding use of the Funds received through KRE8Change by Project Affiliates.   The projects taking place through KRE8Change funding will generally be done from the ground up, and Preferred Venders will be hired using the funds from the a preferred list of venders.  Most Project Affiliates of KRE8Change will receive funding anywhere from $500,000 up to $100,000,000, and it will be required that only Preferred Venders be used in executing and performing their projects work.   KRE8Change is  looking for all kinds of venders.  

Paralegal - Empath - Healer



Grew up in the Midwest, attended college and gravitated toward the law after working in the real world for years.  She is an amazing researcher and legal scholar, with many years experience as a  researcher and paralegal.

She has a special gift and flair as an empath, and can heal people and pets of their childhood issues and blocks OVER the PHONE.  I have witnessed her in action walking along a beach, where her energy attracts and she heals people with just a fifteen minute discussion.  She has never charged for her services, but we are expanding her horizons beyond legal work.  She possesses an amazing and special gift.  We offer her energetic healing service here on our website.  She also has a website at www.michelleheals.com 

You can contact her directly by email:

For Healing, use the Heading: Healing needed


She will not ask payment for her services, but I ask that you please compensate her based upon the minimal rates set forth under our services tab as below:


Healing  27 - Early life issues and blocks REMOVED!      First ½ hour     $30

                      Thereafter per minute   $1

                 Pet Healing - 28:   First ½ hour   $20

                       Thereafter per minute   $1

Must pay for first half hour up-front.



As further testimonial, Chelli removed blocks from both Paul Yokoyama and the principal of our business client, Kre8Change.  These were childhood and teen-age years blocks that we were both not aware of,  and how these blocks affected us in our adult life.  She is truly gifted, blessed and amazing!